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Utopia + Scruddy and the Healing Sun get release dates

We are very excited to announce that ‘Utopia’, the first single from the new album, will be released on 8th March. Utopia will be available to buy from all the usual online download stores, iTunes, Google Play Store and all of the usual streaming services. All the band is really excited to get the tracks from the new album into your speakers.

Click here to download Utopia.

We can now also reveal that our 4th album ‘Scruddy and the Healing Sun’ will be available from 5th April 2019. It will be available from all the usual download and streaming services as well as CD and Double Vinyl. Pre-orders will soon be available from our online store.

Lol Goodman Band

New website, same great music

You may have noticed we’ve got a new look. It was time that our site got a refresh to bring it in line with our other fantastic new offerings for 2019.

You can still do all the stuff you could before, it’s now just better looking with a few new tricks here and there.

Don’t forget to head over to our shop to get hold of t-shirts or a copy of our albums.

Lol Goodman Band

Meet the new lineup

You already know Lol and the Doc, meet Matt and Paul.

Matt Denny – Drums

Matt Denny in action

Our new drummer is Matt Denny. He brings the average age of the Band down to a more respectable level

Matt started playing Drums aged 10 and played live with various Bands since the age of 15.

The Doc spotted the talents of this fine young musician and asked him to join the Band initially as dep cover but has now become a permanent fixture in the lineup.

Read more about Matt.

Paul Nicholls – Keyboards

A highly accomplished and much sought after classically trained Piano player, with a fantastic musical ear – he can play anything by ear just as well as sight reading.

Paul’s talents are extensively sought after in the UK for Musical Theatre productions and session work but loves the freedom of playing with the Lol Goodman Band.

Paul played with Lol and the Doc for over 5 years in previous Band line ups and has recently been called into the team; playing Grand Piano, Keyboards and Hammond Organ on the new album.

Read more about Paul.

Lol Goodman Band

Blues Company Blues Club

We are delighted to announce we’re playing the opening night for a new blues venue.

Catch us on Saturday 2 March at the opening of the Blues company Blues club. We’ll be playing loads of new tracks of our soon to be released new album 

Tickets available from Eventbrite. You can see more information including address details on our Gig page.

See you there for a great night

Lol Goodman Band

New Album Coming Soon

“Scruddy and the Healin Sun” is the 4th studio album set to be released by Lol Goodman Band.

After being a little quiet during 2018, the Lol Goodman Band were actually working away writing and recording their much anticipated new 4th Album.

“Scruddy and the Healing Sun” is set to be released in the Spring of 2019 and can almost be described as a concept album, as the songs resonate through Lol’s period of depression and back into a period of energy and enjoyment.

The lyrics are often spellbinding, highly emotive and very personal. Lol doesn’t hold back and opens up his heart and feelings for the world to listen to. Hence the publication of the track lyrics on the Album Sleeve.

All 15 Tracks on the Album have been written by Lol Goodman and produced by the Band with help from esteemed Sound Engineer Stuart Jones at Woodworm Studios.

This album showcases the new line up, which includes Paul Nicholls on Piano, Keyboards and Hammond Organ; with Matt Denny on Drums and Vocals, working alongside Lol and the Doc on Bass. The album also has some brilliant powerful guest Vocals delivered by Buffalo Music Hall of Fame inducted Jessie Galante recorded at California Road Studios, New York.

With a reputation for being one of the finest Blues bands on the live circuit, the new Album represents another step forward for the Band, giving them even more fresh material to deliver live to their audiences.

All the tracks on the Album are different and do cross into other genres a little. So, whilst not a 100% blues album, it doesn’t lose that established rock n blues feel of the Band. There’s a good balance of the Band’s usual Anglo – Southern US style rock blues feel aka Allman Bros., and tracks with a strong acoustic feel in the mix. As always with Lol’s song writing, there are strong hooks with memorable melody’s and fresh lyrics.

“If I Agreed with you we’d both be Wrong” has Lol duetting with Jessie, and even has a brilliant horn section. Whilst both “No One Listens” a slow powerful track and the 9-minute epic, “Grind Me Down”, which deserves a full listening to, both feature amazing backing vocals from Jessie.

Lol Goodman Band

In the studio

Exciting times are ahead as the Lol Goodman Band are in the studio. After being a little quiet during 2018, the we were actually working away writing and our new 4th Album.

With the music and lyrics all in place we are now down in Oxford at Woodworm Studios tracking the songs that will make up the album.

All 15 Tracks on the Album have been written by Lol Goodman and are being produced by the Band with help from esteemed Sound Engineer Stuart Jones at Woodworm Studios.