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Lol Goodman Band release 2nd single from 3rd album ‘Live my Life with the Blues’

Lol Goodman Band

With a new album set for 2017 and strong radio support on their last song, Lol Goodman Band announce release of true Blues new single…


LGB-Live my Life with the Blues

Arguably one of Manchester’s finest Blues bands right now, the Lol Goodman Band step into 2017 with the announcement of their new single ‘Live My Life With The Blues’ on 3 March, alongside the deluxe edition of their new album, ‘Just Wanna Say…..A Little Bit More’, on the same date. With their last single, ‘Don’t Go Fishing’ boasting strong radio play during the Autumn of 2016 and a live set at The Skegness Blues Festival confirmed for January, Lol Goodman Band are clearly make their mark on the scene.


The new single, ‘Live my Life with the Blues’, delivers the gritty essence of true Blues music. It’s an almost autobiographical tale of any bluesman that’s had it tough, been through good and bad times, but lives to tell the tales; still dreaming of happiness and fortune. That’s the blues – you can’t sing it if you aint lived it! Lol Goodman has lived it…..‘Live My Life For The Blues’ about people who come and go, and the fact that we’re not always in charge of our own destiny. The personal impact on Lol’s own life of losing his father at a very young age inspired this song, it’s a melodic reminder of how time and life can slip by very quickly. BUT, overall, how we manage to embrace those challenges and overcome the burdens and tough events in our life. So we live life with the Blues, but we still have hope, love and dreams in our heart.


Steering away from anything else that’s out there on the Blues circuit, Lol Goodman Band are unique. One of the few UK Blues bands delivering true-grit Anglo American style Blues, these boys are bucking the trend of the 3-piece guitar led set-ups and one of the few blues bands conforming to the traditional blues genre right now. But delivering their music with a freshness and originality that sets them aside from many other blues acts. They provide strong melodic hooks that stick in people’s heads from first play; and that’s the foundation of the album ‘Just Wanna Say…A Little Bit More’.


A prolific song-writer, Lol Goodman crafted many of the tracks on this new album spontaneously; the music and lyrics flowing from his deeper inner feelings. On the Blues compass, this new album points towards the Southern Hemisphere, a unique distinctive sound, consciously delving towards an Allman Brothers/Clapton, Southern American Blues Rock feel. A diverse collection of subject matter, Lol’s lyrics reap and grind their way around honest gritty riffs and melodies. A deluxe version, with x4 bonus tracks added, the entire album concentrates on a very full, versatile sound and is an honest tribute to true blues.


The Lol Goodman Band came to fruition over four-years ago, when Lol Goodman was invited to perform at the Middleton Music Festival. Lol didn’t need to be asked twice and within hours he’d convinced some of the best musicians in the industry to join him. So meet:

Lol Goodman: A strong blues guitarist, Lol has a natural God-given to talent to prolifically write songs, he’s a constant spring of riffs, melodies and lyrics.

James ‘Doc’ Horrocks: James played lead guitar with Lol throughout the years, and has quickly established himself as one of the best and most sought after bass players in the genre.

Phil Barrett : Guitar, keyboards and Hammond Organ, Phil has been a professional musician all of his career, spending a big slice of his time as a musician in Denmark.

John Firth: Drums, John has played professionally for most of his life.


Each one of these musicians has lived the life, endured the scars, served their apprenticeship as musicians; giving them justified entrance into the Blues genre. These guys have the wisdom and experience to channel their life through their music, but the resilience to shake it off and exude fun on stage. The Lol Goodman Band play Blues with a smile on their face – listen to them with the same grin, indulge in the blues and enjoy.


The chemistry amongst these guys sparks magic on stage – a magnet to anyone who’s seen them perform, explaining why the band are rapidly snowballing a loyal fan-base and packing out over 60 gigs each year. Self-releasing and managing themselves since 2013, these boys have gigged and toured relentlessly to sell out audiences. Now the Third Album sees an official label release through Right Track Records, who discovered the band on the live circuit and instantly signed them. So Blues fans indulge, this is definitely one for you to enjoy!


The album ‘Just Wanna Say….A Little Bit More’ is released on Right Track Records via Universal on 3 March 2017


The single ‘Live My Life With The Blues’ is released on 3 March 2017


Live Gigs: 2017

Fri 13 Jan:       Blues at the Bay, Eaglescliffe, Stockton on Tees

Sun 22 Jan:     Great British Rock & Blues Festival,  Butlins, Skegness

Sun 12 Feb:     Dog & Partridge Blues Session, Marchington,


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