LOL Goodman Band – Rock and Blues


breaking-newsFirst a successful launch to ourfirst single “Don’t Go Fishing” late 2016 with a multitude of radio plays nationwide backed up with interviews and live studio session.

Then a fantastic debut at The Great British Rock & Blues Festival, Butlins, Skegness.

Our second single “Live My Life with the Blues” will be released March 3rd accompanied by an extensive PR campaign by Right Track Records.  

An article already appearing in this month’s edition of Sixtyplussurfers alongside the likesof U2;

Highly acclaimed magazine MAVERICK carries an article on the band in the edition to hit the shelves next week together with a Lol Goodman track on the highly prestigious cover CD;…/maverick-music-volume-27/

 January/ February issue of BLUES MATTERS carries an article on the band; “I JustWanna Say that this is one of the best blues albums I have heard this year”  –  Blues Matters 2016
 The Lol Goodman new video premiere is now live on Just Listen to This.  The editor, Pete Sargeant, is the biggest ‘blues’ journalist in the UK, so this is a prime hit for us.
“Lol Goodman Band are an ensemble of veterans who draw on roots styles to create something fresh and dynamic. Instrumental interplay and strong vocals spearhead original
story songs that will intrigue listeners.”
–  Pete Sargeant Just Listen To This

Lol Goodman
hits Beat 100 with the new video:—live-my-life-with-the-blues_10134404/
“Arguably one of Manchester’s finest Blues bands right now.” – Beat 100.