Lol Goodman


Lol first picked up a guitar aged 10 and had started writing his own material by the time he was 14. Early influences were always the blues / rock bands of the late 60’s and early 70’s such as Cream, Free, Fleetwood Mac and Humble Pie

At aged 15 played his first paid professional Gig in the North East of England with a bunch of guys much older, so Lol wasn’t yet driving but was certainly having a huge amount of proper grown up fun!

Later formed a band that was together for nearly 12 years. Travelling Man became a renowned band on the North East circuit but in that environment found it difficult to find venues that would accept original material, so they ploughed on playing their own revamped version of rock covers.

Life, marriage, kids, a career outside of music took over until some 20 years ago Lol hooked up with the “DOC” with them both playing twin lead in a successful Manchester based Band.

Lol Goodman Band was formed in 2013 to much critical acclaim in the Blues /Rock genre, quickly booking up their diary in the blues clubs and festivals in the UK, on the back of the catalogue of original material written by Lol.

The Band has and always will evolve, not standing still and keeping fresh through an evolving change of highly talented musical personnel working alongside Lol and the Doc.

Lol has had his hard times in his personal life and does suffer from Depression which in 2016 and 2017 caused him to seek proper professional help. The upside of this is that this has contributed to him writing some great personal and heartfelt blues songs.

With 3 Albums released to date, a Record deal with Right Track Records and a global distribution agreement with Universal, the Lol Goodman Band now moves into the next chapter with the planned release of a new 4th Album in the Spring of 2019,

Whilst Lol and the DOC, are fulfilling their musical ambitions in reverse, they both have a strong belief in the quality of what they create, and that quality will see the band gain the recognition they crave.