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Lol Goodman Band

Meet the new lineup

You already know Lol and the Doc, meet Matt and Paul.

Matt Denny – Drums

Matt Denny in action

Our new drummer is Matt Denny. He brings the average age of the Band down to a more respectable level

Matt started playing Drums aged 10 and played live with various Bands since the age of 15.

The Doc spotted the talents of this fine young musician and asked him to join the Band initially as dep cover but has now become a permanent fixture in the lineup.

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Paul Nicholls – Keyboards

A highly accomplished and much sought after classically trained Piano player, with a fantastic musical ear – he can play anything by ear just as well as sight reading.

Paul’s talents are extensively sought after in the UK for Musical Theatre productions and session work but loves the freedom of playing with the Lol Goodman Band.

Paul played with Lol and the Doc for over 5 years in previous Band line ups and has recently been called into the team; playing Grand Piano, Keyboards and Hammond Organ on the new album.

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